We control the quality of our products and our concrete.

We control the quality of our products and our concrete.

We control the quality of our products and our concrete.

Quality assurance and production


We control the quality of our products and our precast concrete with tests in accordance with the standards for concrete, building codes and work specifications. We are a member of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries (RT). We are also inspected by Kiwa Inspecta. We are entitled to use the CE marking for the products manufactured by us. The CE certificate has been granted for us 28 June 2016, and it covers the following precast concrete components:

  • Foundation elements
  • Pillar and beam elements
  • Retaining wall elements
  • Wall elements
  • Stairs
  • Shell panels (non-prestressed panels)
  • Bridge elements

All official quality tests, such as the tests regarding compression strength, waterproofness and frost resistance are performed in official labs approved by Finland’s Ministry of the Environment. The labs send us regular reports on the results.

With our excellent production facilities and equipment, we can provide our clients with element deliveries that encompass the entire building, also for large construction projects. Of the element worktables at our production plant, five are steel-surfaced, and two are wood-surfaced. The steel worktables feature hydraulics and heating. The steel worktables are best suited for making walls, while the wooden worktables are best for making balcony panels, stairs and other similar special products.

We have also have two bridge hoisters with a hoisting capacity of 15 tonnes and 16 tonnes, respectively.

We have a total of seven element worktables in the following sizes:


  • Steel worktables:
    • 1 worktable sized 4.0 x 10.5 m
    • 1 worktable sized 4.0 x 12.5 m
    • 2 worktables sized 5.0 x 8.0 m
    • 1 worktable sized 5.0 x 15.0 m
  • Approximately 100 of plywood planes

Flowchart of our concrete element production.

Download the chart here (PDF).